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Get the Low Cost of a Legal Document Service with the Peace of Mind of an Experienced California Lawyer

There was a time when you only had three choices to get legal help in California:

  1. Hire a full-service lawyer and pay up-front costs and high hourly fees;
  2. Buy a do-it-yourself law book and pray that you are doing the right thing; or,
  3. Buy forms from a non-lawyer document preparation or legal forms company and pray that they are doing the right thing.

Now, there is fourth way to simplifying the law. It combines smart software with the assistance of a real live experienced California Lawyer:
Lawyer Reviewed California Legal Forms

Here is how it works:

  1. After identifying the form and services you need, you complete a simple on-line questionnaire.
  2. We review your draft documents.
  3. We either approve the draft document or modify it, or contact you for clarification.

Client JourneyOur law firm is committed to providing highly professional legal services by a real California lawyer at a reasonable cost.